Почему на территории США спокойная сейсмическая обстановка?

CLASSCOD: A--Research and Development--Potential Sources Sought
OFFADD: HQ Electronic Systems Center, R&D Contracting Division (ESC/PKR), 104 Barksdale St,Hanscom AFB MA 01731-1806



POC John W. Flaherty, Division Chief, 617-377-2529; Lisa A. Maille, Contract Specialist, 617-377-4018; Mr. James C. Battis, Techinical Contact, 617-377-4669.


The Space Effects Division of the Phillips Laboratory Geophysics Directorate is interested in receiving proposals related to the theoretical understanding and practical development and demonstration of techniques for the detection of underground structures using ELF/VLF radio waves generated by natural and man-made sources. Issues to be examined by the proposers include: methods for measuring ELF/VLF field components by covert means; methods for characterizing, and interpreting ELF/VLF wave generation and propagation, including the effects of surface topography and subsurface geophysical properties; procedures for inverting the electromagnetic field properties to obtain realistic, depth-dependent geophysical parameters with particular interest in identifying man-made structures and natural voids within the surrounding geology; and algorithm development for the unambiguous detection of underground voids or man-made structures in the presence of real-world geophysical noise and clutter. Proposers are encouraged to consider the use of the High Power Auroral Stimulation (HIPAS) or High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) ionospheric research instruments, each capable of controlled generation of ELF/VLF radio waves, to support appropriate research efforts.

The following PROJECT STATEMENT is provided:

(1) BACKGROUND: ELF/VLF radio waves penetrate deeply beneath the surface of the earth and interact with the geologic structure of the earth. This interaction induces secondary fields with measurable effect at and above the surface of the earth. Proper understanding of the physics of the generation and propagation of ELF/VLF waves and their interactions with earth materials will allow these waves to be used for applications such as sub-surface communications and exploration of the subsurface geological structure. The research called for under this effort is to assess the viability of exploiting the concept of electromagnetic induction to detect and image subterranean features such as tunnels, bunkers, and other potential military targets.

(2) PROJECT STATEMENT: Geophysical surveying using natural ELF/VLF sources, such as lightning or auroral generated signals, is an established procedure. In general, however, the procedure has been developed with the interest in locating areas of highly conductive material such as metal ore deposits. There are many significant issues that need to be resolved, however, before the concept can be evaluated for military applications such as detection of underground structures.

These issues can be divided into six primary topics:

(1) the physics of, and methods for modeling the generation of ELF/VLF waves from various sources;

(2) methods for measuring ELF/VLF field components in a covert manner;

(3) methods for modeling and characterizing ELF/VLF wave propagation including the effects of surface topography and subsurface terrestrial properties;

(4) the physics of the propagation and attenuation of the secondary fields above the earth's surface;

(5) procedures and algorithms for inverting measured electromagnetic field information to obtain subterranean conductivity structure particularly aimed at identifying and characterizing man-made structures or natural voids; and

(6) algorithms for producing unambiguous detection and classification of underground voids or structures in the presence of geological noise and clutter.

This PRDA seeks proposals of original and innovative research dealing with the development, implementation, and demonstration of these concepts. The proposer will need to demonstrate a basic understanding of the principles of ELF/VLF wave generation, ELF/VLF guided-wave propagation, instruments and measurement procedures and problems for ELF/VLF, methods for inversion of ELF/VLF data into depth-dependent geophysical models and for detecting zones or targets of interest and for characterizing those targets. Highly original and innovative proposals dealing with one or more of these topics relevant to this progam will be considered for funding.

Several distinct methods for ELF/VLF generation are available to support these efforts. Proposers are encouraged to consider including the controlled ELF/VLF sources provided by the 960KW HF transmitter of the HAARP, presently under construction outside Gakona, Alaska and the HIPAS facility located near Fairbanks, Alaska. PL/GPS is the program manager for the HAARP facility. The Office of Naval Research controls the HIPAS facility. Both sites will be available to support the research efforts under this PRDA.

Proposal selection will be based on the following evaluation factors:

(a) overall scientific and technical merits and relevance of the proposed research;

(b) the offeror's capabilities, related experience, facilities, techniques, or unique combinations of these that are integral factors for achieving the proposed objectives;

(c) the qualifications, capabilities and experiences of the proposed key personnel who are critical to the achievement of the proposal objectives;

(d) the offeror's record of past and present performance; and

(e) cost/price reasonableness and realism of the proposal. No further evaluation criteria will be used.

Proposals shall be submitted in two (2) parts: Volume I, Technical/Scientific Description, and Volume II, Cost Information.

The Technical/Scientific Description should not exceed twenty-five (25), single-side, single-space, 12-point font size, typed pages (excluding covers, indexes, and resumes) on 8 1/2" x 11" bond paper. The Government will not review more than the page limit. There is no page limit on the Cost Proposal.

An original and five (5) copies of each proposal to ESC/PKR (Attn: Lisa A. Maille), Building 1520, 3rd Floor, Room 317, 104 Barksdale St, Hanscom AFB, MA 01731-1806.

Proposals submitted using electronic media will not be accepted.

The cost of preparing a proposal in response to this PRDA is not considered an allowable direct charge to the resulting contract or any other contract. It is, however, an allowable expense to the normal bid and proposal indirect cost specified in FAR 31.205-18.

Proposals received in response to this announcement will be deemed to be in accordance with the Competition in Contracting Act of 1984. In order that proposals are afforded proper handling, offerors must mark their proposals with the restrictive language stated in FAR 52.215-12. Offerors are cautioned that only Government Contracting Officers are legally authorized to commit the Government.

Firms responding should indicate if they are qualified as socially or economicallly disadvantaged.

Offerors are requested to provide a name and telephone number of technical and contracting point of contacts.

Responses should reference PRDA# PL/GPS 97-02.

The Government estimate for this PRDA is approximately five (5) awards. Each award will be for one-man year of effort. Each award will have a twenty-four (24) month period of performance. Award is anticipated in the 4th quarter of FY97.

Questions of a TECHNICAL nature should be referred to Mr. James C. Battis, 617-377-4669.

CONTRACTUAL and COST questions should be referred to Lisa Maille, 617-377-4018.

An Ombudsman has been appointed to hear concerns from offerors or potential offerors during the proposal development phase of this acquisition. The Ombudsman should only be contacted with issues or problems that have previously been brought to the attention of the Program Manager and/or the Contracting Officer and could not be satisfactorily resolved at that level. The Ombudsman does not participate in the evaluation of proposals or in the source selection process.

The Ombudsman is Colonel Lee H. Hughes, ESC/CX, 617-377-5106.

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Целевая группа Совета по оборонным наукам по подземным объектам

ДЕЙСТВИЕ: Уведомление о заседаниях консультативного комитета.

РЕЗЮМЕ: Целевая группа Совета по оборонным наукам по подземным сооружениям
состоится при закрытых дверях в Агентстве оборонного специального оружия(DSWA) , полигон ядерных испытаний, Лас-Вегас, Невада.
Миссия Совета по оборонным наукам состоит в том, чтобы консультировать министра
обороны через заместителя министра обороны по закупкам и
технологиям по научным и техническим вопросам, поскольку они влияют на
предполагаемые потребности министерства обороны.
На этом заседании оперативная
группа рассмотрит угрозу интересам США, которую представляет рост
подземных сооружений в недружественных странах.
.Целевая группа должна исследовать технологии и методы, чтобы соответствовать международным
проблемы безопасности и военной стратегии, создаваемые этими объектами.
В соответствии с разделом 10(d) Федерального консультативного комитета
Закон, PL № 92-463, с поправками (5 USC App. II, (1994)), он
было определено, что это собрание Целевой группы DSB касается вопросов
перечисленных в 5 USC 552b(c)(1) , и что соответственно, это собрание
будет закрыто для публики.
Л. М. Байнум,
Заместитель офицера связи Федерального регистра OSD, Министерство обороны.
Хейворд проходит параллельно разлому Сан-Андреас в самом сердце калифорнийского региона Ист-Бэй, вдоль восточного побережья залива Сан-Франциско. Эта 119-километровая зона была спокойна с 1868 года, когда породила свое последнее мощное землетрясение магнитудой 7.0. Средний интервал сейсмических событий на разломе составляет около 140 лет. Это означает, что со статистической точки зрения Big One просрочен с 2008 года.

Почему на территории США спокойная сейсмическая обстановка?​

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Tectonic weapons are limited to the US Geological Survey (USGS) only. The Fully Attunable Resonance Technology or FART has existed for years. Miniaturization was not possible for issuance to the DoD therefore these weapons remain under USGS control and are on stand-by using the same “nuclear” football as nuclear weapons are initiated with.

Coincidently atmospheric and barometric devices to initiate supercells in the atmosphere are also available through this command and control device. The Quantum Unidirectional Environmentally Efficient Filiment or QUEEF, as it is more commonly known as, was first tested prior to 1998. In order to divert attention from the failure in the Middle East, it is believed that President Bush used the QUEEF to generate the supercells in the Atlantic that led to both Hurricane Katrina and Rita.
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ну шо Владик в очередной раз обосрался...лунным светом...
в прокат вышел в 2022 ,в главной роли Adam Driver -родился 19 ноября 1983 года ( 9.11 ) после терактов 11 сентября Driver поступил на службу в Корпус морской пехоты США...
статистом Adamа Driverа был 37-летний отец четверых детей, живущий в Восточной Палестине, штат Огайо Ben Ratner...
в 100 милях находиться Serpent Mound
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Посмотреть вложение 39831

совпадение ...хмм не думаю....
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